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SunFed Ranch was founded by members of ranching families with deep roots in the foothills of the Sacramento Valley and the rangeland of the Klamath Basin between Mt. Shasta and Crater Lake. Our cattle are born and raised in those open spaces where we have adapted to natural weather patterns to grow premium quality grass fed and grass finished beef year-round.

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Customer Reviews

“I’m a person who does buy and consume SunFed products and believes in the integrity of your product based on the quality of what I have personally experienced and clearly seeing there’s a distinct difference! It is now a weekly mainstay for my household.”
Robert A. from Van Nuys, CA
“I was up in Ojai at the Rainbow Bridges Market and bought some of your ground beef and have been astounded at its flavor and quality – the best I have had (beats that at Whole Foods down here in Irvine, CA.).”
Deborah T. from Orange County, CA
I just had one of your organic grass fed steaks at BOA Steakhouse. It was the best steak of my life. I made yummy noises after every bite!!!! Amazing!!!! Keep up the good work…
Sally G. from Bakersfield, CA
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Always 100% Grass Fed and 100% Grass Finished

Humanely Raised with Care

Sustainably Raised on American Family Ranches

Naturally Lean and Healthy