Ethical. Humane. Dignified.

We’ll be blunt: our cattle are the lifeblood of SunFed Ranch. Dedication to humane treatment for our animals is not only the right thing to do, it’s good business.

We raise our cattle in a low-stress environment with room to roam every day and access to abundant grass and clean water.

As proud participants in the USDA organic program, we begin caring for our cattle months before birth. We have developed every step of the ranching process to prioritize animal health and safety, and we work with leading experts in animal welfare to ensure our cattle are treated with dignity and respect.

The result of this dedication is consistently delicious, safe beef of the highest quality.

The Beginning

SunFed Ranch cattle start with superior stock. We source our Angus-based cattle from trusted partner herds to ensure the highest-quality beef.

Care for our cattle begins before birth. This means taking close care of pregnant mothers and their calves when they are most susceptible to illness and predators. This dedication helps ensure the cattle are set up for success on our pastures for the rest of their lives.

Cattle grazing on pasture
Cattle grazing on pasture

Life in the Pasture

Throughout their lifetime, SunFed Ranch cattle roam free on rotationally grazed pastures, summering in the mountains to stay cool and spending winters in warm valleys. Their afternoons are spent eating nutritious grass, then lounging by streams as they digest.

They never see a feedlot and the ranches they roam can be as large as 45,000 acres. That can mean up to 15 football fields worth of space for each animal.

Our cattle follow nature’s schedule. They are never treated with added hormones or antibiotics, and never confined in feedlots.

Our Very Good Boys

When it’s time to herd our cattle, we take our cues from nature. SunFed Ranch uses highly-trained herding dogs — with a little help from cowboys on horseback — to help guide our cattle from pasture to pasture. This allows us to move a large amount of cattle quickly and quietly. And what dog doesn’t want to spend all day with cattle in an open field?

Cattle herding dog taking a break
Cattle in field at sunset

A Dignified Life

The care we show our cattle continues their entire lives. We have taken inspiration on animal handling from the latest research of renowned animal physiologist Dr. Temple Grandin to keep stress and fear as low as possible. It takes a little longer, but it’s the right thing to do for the animals, and results in the highest-quality beef for you and your family.

Cattle grazing on pasture

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