Raised on American Family Ranches

SunFed Ranch is committed to upholding the traditional farming methods and maintaining the heritage of local farming communities in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. Our founders are the latest generation of families that each trace their roots in California ranching back more than 150 years.

All SunFed Ranch cattle are born and bred on American Family Ranches, which means you can be confident in the quality and origin of your meal. Supporting local communities has never tasted better.

Map of SunFed Ranch partners throughout California
The Byrne Family

The Byrne Ranch

The Byrne Ranch, headquartered in Modoc County, has been operated by members of the Byrne family since they arrived as some of the area’s first emigrants in the 1860s. Since that time, five generations have survived war, depressions, droughts and floods, along with the ups and downs of the cattle market. Through all this time, the bounty of California’s native rangelands and the family’s commitment to traditional ranching has sustained the land, the grass, and the family.

Today, cows still outnumber people in the area and the ranch is managed by Mike Byrne, with help from wife Bev, son Matt, one of the SunFed Ranch founding ranchers, and daughter Brianna.

The ranch has been recognized for conservation leadership as a recipient of the national Excellence in Conservation award from the National Resources Conservation Service in 2004 and the California Section Excellence in Range Management award from the Society for Range Management in 1998.

The Byrne family is proud of the long tradition of excellence built over more than 150 years and is committed to upholding these traditions for the next generations as they continue to raise beef for other families to enjoy.

Donati Livestock

Donati Ranch, located in the northern part of the Sacramento Valley, is a family-run, commercial cow calf operation. Utilizing the latest scientific advances to breed superior animals has always been the foundation of Donati Ranch.

Chris Donati — co-founder of SunFed Ranch — is a fourth generation rancher. He spent his childhood growing up on Donati Ranch, learning the importance of breeding and the ins and outs of the cattle industry.

During his time attaining a degree in Agribusiness at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Chris was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors for Associated Students Incorporated, and was also involved in the Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers program. While at university, he undertook a project with Hearst Castle, helping them develop a line of grass fed beef products from cattle grazing on castle property.

Since graduation, Chris has focused solely on raising grass fed cattle, with an eye on supporting local ranchers and sustaining cattle ranching for future generations.

Chris Donati
Byrne Family on Tractor
Donati on horseback
Rancher on horseback
Donati family

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