Ranching Built to Last

SunFed Ranch and our cattle are part of nature’s cycle, and we are committed to caring for our open spaces, watersheds, native plants and wildlife—today and for future generations.

By utilizing sustainable ranching practices, SunFed Ranch is able to keep our happy cows well fed, manage drought-resistant ranches, help maintain clean waterways, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by sequestering more carbon in the soil.

As environmental stewards, we don’t just want to raise delicious, healthier beef, we want to do it in a way that regenerates the land and local communities. Because we know that when you take care of the land, the land will take care of you.

Benefits of Rotational Grazing

The secret to a truly sustainable ranch is rotational grazing. Cattle are regularly moved to a new area of the ranch to avoid overgrazing and promote forage recovery. Our seasonal grazing rotation from high to low elevation also mimics the environment service provided by historical herds of large grazing animals. Well-managed rotational grazing results in:

  • Between 30 – 70% increase in quality forage growth

  • Land that is better able to sequester carbon, helping to keep greenhouse gases out of the air

  • Healthier grass with deeper roots, which protects against erosion and drought

  • More evenly, naturally distributed manure–nature’s best fertilizer

  • A low stress environment for cattle

No Feedlots, No Fertilizer

Two of the biggest contributors to agriculture pollution are the use of feedlots and harsh chemical fertilizers. We rely on nature’s best fertilizer, manure, evenly distributed across the ranch to promote rich grass and forage growth.

And SunFed Ranch cattle never see the inside of a feedlot. Our free range cattle forage for their food on lush pasture. The reduced fertilizer runoff and the elimination of pollution from tightly packed feedlots means cleaner waterways for cattle and local communities. The lack of crowding also helps prevent illness and ensure that the cattle have the space to behave naturally every day of their lives.

Cattle in pristine pasture
Rancher on horseback

Raised on American Family Ranches

Most other grass fed beef is produced in foreign countries and shipped by boat to the U.S.

At SunFed Ranch, we do things a little differently. All our cattle are born and raised in the United States on American Family Ranches, greatly reducing travel distances and carbon footprint, and resulting in fresher beef. And, because SunFed Ranch is involved at every stage of the process, we can make sure each of our ranches are adhering to our sustainability standards.

In addition to environmental sustainability, SunFed Ranch is invested in sustaining traditional American ranching. When ranches are properly managed they prosper, creating and maintaining jobs in rural ranching communities.

Meet Our Ranchers

Keep Carbon in the Ground

Carbon is tremendously valuable to maintaining healthy soil and the landscapes on which our cattle thrive. The more healthy forage with deep roots on a ranch, the more carbon is drawn back into the soil. This in turns nourishes microbes in the soil that help promote additional forage growth.

As rotational grazing enhances the soil on our pastures it is better able to absorb carbon, working to offset greenhouse gas emissions .

There is a natural cycle to maintain a sustainable ranch. At SunFed Ranch, we believe the best ways are often the natural ways.

Aerial view of cattle in field
Cattle grazing on pasture

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