Organic Beef

SunFed Ranch organic grass fed cattle are USDA-certified to have never been administered growth-enhancing hormones or antibiotics and to have grazed only on our certified organic ranches managed without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.

Our organic grass fed cattle and ranches are individually audited to ensure that our beef is 100% certified from our pastures to your kitchen table.

What is “Certified Organic” grass fed beef?

SunFed Ranch Organic Grass Fed Beef is raised on ranches that have been certified by a USDA-approved third party auditor, CCOF, who verifies that our family ranchers follow an organic system plan to ensure that the cattle are never administered growth promoting hormones or antibiotics and that all grass and forage is produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. This ensures that every drop of mother’s milk and blade of grass our organic cattle consume meets the organic standard.

This certification is supported by our efforts on the ranch each day as well as a stringent audit system that extends from before birth through processing at an organically-certified beef plant. This entire pasture to plate certification system is costly, but it is an approach to ranching that guarantees you are getting truly pure organic grass fed and grass finished beef.

Our cattle are raised on pastures, eating grass their entire lives, never in feedlots and never fed any corn or grain.