Sunday Cattle Check

The following blog post is from SunFed Rancher, Megan Byrne: On a recent Sunday, Matt and I took a trip to check cattle at the ranch near Browns Valley. As usual these days, we had our son Luke along for the ride. At nine months old, he's never met a heifer he doesn't like or a dirt clod he's not interested in. This requires a vigilant eye to keep Luke out of trouble or from eating something he shouldn't, but having him around makes ranch life all the more entertaining when we're able to see things through his eyes. As [...]

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5 Important Tips To Help You Rule The Grill With Grass Fed Beef

What are your plans this 4th of July weekend? We hope they include BBQ’ing with friends and family! If they do, SunFed Ranch wants to help you WOW your friends and family with healthy, sustainably raised, 100% grass fed and grass finished beef. If you’re king (or queen) of the grill this weekend here are 5 important tips to help you rule the Q and wear that crown with pride! Cook Grass Fed steaks and roasts at lower temperatures. No higher than 300 degrees in the oven or enclosed grill/smoker - 250-275 degrees is best. On the grill, it’s ok to sear for 30-60 [...]

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SunFed Ranch Celebrates 5 Years!

  This Month SunFed Ranch celebrated a major milestone -  we celebrated five years of humanely raising and selling sustainable high quality grass fed beef. It has been five years of learning, five years of innovating and five years of utilizing the roots and traditions 5th generation founding ranchers Matt Byrne and Chris Donati’s ancestors have spent perfecting over the last 150 years. It hasn’t always been easy. Mother nature has given us drought years, the cattle market has been on a roller coaster and this business is so unique we had no blue prints to work from. Listed below are [...]

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SunFed Ranch Celebrates Fifth Anniversary by Introducing New Grass Fed Beef Product Lines at Natural Products Expo West

SUNFED RANCH CELEBRATES FIFTH ANNIVERSARY Introduces new grass fed beef value-added product lines at Natural Products Expo West WOODLAND, Calif. (March 17, 2016)—Five years ago today Matt Byrne and Chris Donati launched SunFed Ranch on shared values and a commitment to provide sustainable, healthy food to nourish a new generation of conscientious consumers. Founded in 2011, the company started selling fresh boxed grass fed beef to Bay Area stores and restaurants and has now grown to become a leading branded organic and natural grass fed beef supplier sourcing only from select American family farms. “Today’s five-year anniversary marks a [...]

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All You Need is Love… And Grass Fed Beef

Valentine's Day weekend is upon us... and SunFed Ranch is here to help you show that special someone how much you care about them. Sure... chocolate and teddy bears are great. But what says I love you more than Omega-3 rich, Vitamin A and E packed, nutrient rich grass fed beef? Nothing says, "I love you" like feeding your significant other something delicious that ALSO helps improve cardiovascular health and helps fight off cancer and other diseases. So when you're at the store tonight, rather than picking up that box of chocolates that will just lead to a sugar high and regret, pick [...]

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