Appetizers: The Real MVP of Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl 2016 is here and whether you're rooting for the Panthers, the Broncos or still licking the wounds of your favorite team's dismal season, there's one thing everyone can get on board with this Super Bowl Sunday: The Tasty Appetizers. We get it... the holidays just ended and thanks to your New Year's diet your pants just started buttoning again. We put together three of our favorite recipes made with SunFed Ranch grass fed beef that are sure to win over the crowd while you still tackle your New Year's resolutions without the guilt.   Recipes adapted from the Beef Checkoff

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3 Reasons to Eat More Grass Fed Beef in 2016

The holidays have officially ended and the new year is upon us. Lists of positive changes for 2016 have been written, machines at the gym will be full and grocery shoppers will be filling their carts with lean meats and healthy produce. Whether or not you are jumping on the ‘New Year, New Me’ band wagon or not, there’s no denying it’s always time for positive changes that benefit health and longevity.   If you’re reading this blog you might already be a fan of SunFed Ranch Grass Fed Beef. Just in case you need a reminder or you want [...]

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SunFed Ranch and Habitat Restoration

Did you know agricultural land provides habitat for 75% of the nation’s wildlife? That means SunFed Ranch is home to a lot more than just cows, horses and our family members. This also means that maintaining the land and habitat for all of the wild life on our land is top priority. If you spent a few minutes talking with founding rancher Matt Byrne's father Mike about their historical family ranch that he has spent his whole life raising on cattle on and managing, chances are he would talk to you with a lot of passion in  about Juniper tree removal. That's because the [...]

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Beefing up your Thanksgiving Spread

Who doesn't love Thanksgiving? A day dedicated to eating, spending time with loved ones and most importantly giving thanks. SunFed Ranch has a lot to be thankful for, and we wanted to jump on the thankful band wagon and mention a few: All of you, who appreciate what we are doing and allow us to pave the way for humanely raised, sustainable grass fed beef. All of our employees and ranch hands that work so hard to make it possible to produce SunFed Ranch grass fed beef. Our families. For the generations before us that taught us the right way to do [...]

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Happy National Sandwich Day!

Happy National Sandwich Day! We thought we would celebrate by sharing this DELICIOUS Caesar Steak Sandwich recipe with you! It's easy, delicious and nutritious... A trifecta! Ingredients:  1 pound boneless SunFed Ranch beef top sirloin or top round steak, cut 3/4 inch thick or flank steak 1/2 cup prepared non-creamy Caesar dressing 2 cups coarsely chopped romaine lettuce 1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese 4 hoagie rolls (6 inches long each), split, toasted INSTRUCTIONS FOR CAESAR STEAK SANDWICHES Cut beef steak lengthwise in half, then crosswise into 1/8 to 1/4-inch thick strips. Reserve 2 tablespoons dressing. Pour remaining dressing in medium [...]

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