Our Commitment

SunFed Ranch is committed to raising all of our cattle to the highest of standards. Whether you’re purchasing our organic or natural beef, you can trust that all SunFed Ranch cattle meet stringent standards.

No hormones. No antibiotics. No corn. Simple as that. The result of this commitment is responsibly raised beef of the highest-quality, unmatched flavor and many health benefits. It’s no coincidence that when we let our cows live like they’re meant to, the taste is richer and the meat is healthier.

When it comes to beef, simple is better.

All SunFed Ranch beef is:

  • Grass Fed and Grass Finished
  • Never Fed Corn or Grain
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Hormones
  • Humanely Treated
  • Free Ranging
  • Family Raised
  • Angus-Based Genetics
  • Highest Quality Pasture-Raised Beef