Myth: Grass fed beef is tougher than conventional beef.

Fact: While it’s true some grass fed beef can be tough, SunFed Ranch has perfected our process to grow tender, juicy, delicious beef. One of the biggest mistakes people make is overcooking their grass fed beef. Because it is so much leaner than conventional beef, it cooks much faster. We recommend using a thermometer instead of cooking by time to get the juiciest, most tender meat. Check out our cooking tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your meal.

Myth: The quality of grass fed beef is inconsistent.

Fact: SunFed Ranch follows strict guidelines when raising and preparing cattle to ensure a consistent, quality product. You can be confident in a delicious product anytime you pick a SunFed Ranch product.

Myth: All grass fed beef is the same.

Fact: Not even close. A lot of companies market their beef as “grass fed” if the cattle have ever eaten any grass – even if they are finished on grain or other high concentrate feeds. At SunFed Ranch, our cattle are grass fed & grass finished. That means they are never confined in feedlots, and they are never fed corn or grains. And because all SunFed Ranch beef is raised on American Family Ranches, we’re able to monitor the cattle at every stage — not the case with imported grass fed beef.

Cattle grazing on pasture

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