Our tasty beef hot dogs, sausages and hot links are made from grass fed and grass finished beef and are uncured, meaning no added nitrites or nitrates (except those occurring naturally in celery powder and sea salt). We use quality whole muscle cuts and a proprietary smoking process to produce deep bold flavors. Perfect for ball games or your next get-together, our hot dogs, sausages and hot links are fully cooked so just heat, serve, and enjoy.

  • Gluten Free

  • No MSG Added

  • Casein Free

  • High in Protein

  • No Added Nitrates or Nitrites

Uncured Beef Hot Dogs

Uncured beef hot dogs

A favorite for the kids (and many discerning adults), this classic Uncured Grass Fed Beef Hot Dog is lower in fat and sodium and higher in protein than other hot dogs on the market – so you can feel good about feeding your family these wholesome dogs. No mystery meats here. Enjoy on a whole wheat bun with spicy mustard.

Uncured Smoked Beef Sausages

Uncured Smoked Beef Sausages

Made with a signature blend of spices, this Uncured Grass Fed Smoked Beef Sausage has authentic texture and great flavor. Enjoy this sausage at your next backyard BBQ or with a stir-fry for a quick, healthy weeknight meal.

Uncured Smoked Beef Jalapeno Hot Links

Uncured Smoked Beef Jalapeno Hot Links

With just the right amount of jalapeño peppers to feel the heat, these hot links will be sure to tempt your taste buds for seconds. Enjoy this delicious hot link while cheering on your favorite team or camping under the stars.

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