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Did you know agricultural land provides habitat for 75% of the nation’s wildlife? That means SunFed Ranch is home to a lot more than just cows, horses and our family members. This also means that maintaining the land and habitat for all of the wild life on our land is top priority.

If you spent a few minutes talking with founding rancher Matt Byrne’s father Mike about their historical family ranch that he has spent his whole life raising on cattle on and managing, chances are he would talk to you with a lot of passion in  about Juniper tree removal. That’s because the over-population of the trees on their land along with other nearby ranches soak up excess amounts of  water and nutrients from the land. The trees kill off forage that feeds our cattle and other plants that feed and provide a home for wildlife.

This is why the Byrne family has taken an active role in the Sage Grouse Initiative. The Sage Grouse Initiative is a partnership consisting of 1,129 ranchers and 40 different organizations in 11 western states. The Sage Grouse Initiative states that ‘The results of these partnerships have led to healthier landscapes that provide good forage for livestock and wildlife, and enhanced habitat that will help dwindling sage grouse populations survive in the sagebrush sea long into the future.’

Read about the whole process and why the Byrne family is actively implementing Juniper tree removal and the initiative on their historic family ranch by clicking here.