The LaGrande Family

In 2005, the LaGrande Family celebrated its 100th anniversary on LaGrande Road in Williams located in Colusa County. The LaGrande Family finds its roots in the pioneering French Canadian, Roman Catholic communities and populations of the mid-nineteenth century Sacramento Valley.

Michelle’s great grandparents J.H. LaGrande and Adeline Spooner were born in 1882 and 1883 respectfully in Glenn County, California. They were married in 1905 and continued in their families’ traditions farming and ranching west of Williams. Adeline’s father gifted one cow and one sow to the marriage. J.H. worked diligently to create a successful legacy for his family and was able to raise grain, rice, hogs, cattle and milk cows.

The family has worked diligently over the years to restore and enhance the lands they manage. Closely managing the grass and water resources under their control, they have developed a strong conservation ethic that results in improved conditions for cattle and wildlife alike.

The tradition of hard work and innovative thinking has passed through the generations from J.H. to Michelle’s grandfather Matt and father Mike. Michelle and her father, with the help and support of their family, continue to further cultivate the family’s ranching traditions.

Today, the LaGrandes successfully manage a certified organic Angus-based herd, wintering on native grasslands in the Sacramento Valley and moving cattle to northern pastures to spend summers in cooler weather.