Tastier, Healthier & More Sustainable

Not all beef is created equal. The quality of cattle feed and living conditions has a huge impact on the ultimate nutrition and taste of beef. Luckily, the care, consistency, and patience required to raise purely grass fed beef comes with a delicious reward.

When we allow animals to live like they’re meant to – roaming free on pasture and foraging naturally – we grow beef that is juicier, more flavorful, higher in nutrients & Omega 3s, and better for the environment.

It’s simple: when you put good stuff in, you get good stuff back.

The Healthier Choice

SunFed Ranch beef packs powerful protein and other important nutrients, while cutting down on the fat and cholesterol you’re trying to avoid.

Because of these health benefits, doctors, nutritionists, and athletic trainers suggest that everyone — from highly trained athletes to couch potatoes — can benefit from adding grass fed beef to their diets. In fact, popular workout and diet programs, like CrossFit and the Paleo diet, make grass fed beef a keystone of their health program.

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Cattle on pasture
Ranchers examining grass in pasture

Better for the Environment

SunFed Ranches work within nature’s cycle to grow delicious grass fed and grass finished beef. By using sustainable ranching practices and allowing animals to live as nature intended, we are able to preserve land, watersheds and diverse wildlife, while increasing carbon sequestration in the soil.

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Cooking Tips & Wine Pairings

Because grass fed beef is leaner, it tends to cook a little differently than conventional beef. Make the most of your meal with our simple cooking tips, designed to deliver the juiciest, most tender meat.

We’ve also compiled our best wine pairing guidelines, so you have everything you need for an unforgettable dinner.

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Cooking meat next to wine glass
Cattle grazing on pasture

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